Farms create lots of data, but farmers don’t control where it ends up and who can use it

All sorts of data is collected on Australian farms, such as stock numbers and crop details. from Leanne Wiseman, Griffith University and Jay Sanderson, University of the Sunshine Coast Most of us are familiar with cases of data being used in ways that go beyond consumer expectations – just think of the Facebook Cambridge … Read more

‘Liberate the tractors’: the right to repair movement that’s regaining control of our devices

A software ‘jailbreak’ gave US farmers the power to repair their vehicles. Maksim Safaniuk/Shutterstock Michael Stead, Lancaster University and Paul Coulton, Lancaster University The software that runs John Deere tractors was successfully “jailbroken” at this year’s DEF CON hacker convention, enabling farmers to repair or retune their equipment without engaging with the company that sold … Read more

Rise of precision agriculture exposes food system to new threats

Agriculture is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. U.S. Department of Agriculture Photo by Lance Cheung George Grispos, University of Nebraska Omaha and Austin C. Doctor, University of Nebraska Omaha Farmers are adopting precision agriculture, using data collected by GPS, satellite imagery, internet-connected sensors and other technologies to farm more efficiently. While these practices could help … Read more

Using AI in agriculture could boost global food security – but we need to anticipate the risks

Asaf Tzachor, University of Cambridge As the global population has expanded over time, agricultural modernisation has been humanity’s prevailing approach to staving off famine. A variety of mechanical and chemical innovations delivered during the 1950s and 1960s represented the third agricultural revolution. The adoption of pesticides, fertilisers and high-yield crop breeds, among other measures, transformed … Read more